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no makeup makeup

A lot if the time I have little time to get my make up on but the key thing for me is that my complexion is evened out and looking fresh. Most of the time people ask me if I am wearing and make up so really it’s all about deceiving the eye. Below i explain the no makeup makeup look. 

There are a few ways to do the no makeup makeup look but if you going for a touch of coverage then these 2 products are a winner.

Prep + Prime Blemish Balm has a beautiful finish and really evens out the skin leaving a fresh face. The cream comes in 9 shades so happy days for me that there is a shade for my skin tone and for darker girls too. Apply dots of the BB cream to forehead, nose, cheeks and chin and then blend out wards using your fingers.

Prep+Prime CC Powder compact is a new addition to the prep and prime family. It’s a lightweight powder with a colour correcting formula. This powder helps take away shine and even out skin tone for a beautiful natural finish. Apply with a brush down the centre of the forehead, nose, under the eyes and chin just to take away the shine in the T-Zone.

A perfect combination for the no makeup makeup. My tutorial on how to create the look will be out in the next few weeks.

Shahnaz x