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Shahnaz Loves Beauty

Its been a great break so far for me and I still have this week to go with a few more lunches and activities happening and my skin has taken a bit of a bashing with a few break outs happening. Too many late nights and not looking after my skin properly because normally I am regimental when it comes to my skin and my night routine has definitely been serioulsy slack.

To get back on track and get my skin to where its normally at I have upped my game and am fighting to get rid of the breakouts it maybe I didn’t take makeup off properly or eating badly but its so key that I get back on track.

They key for me is eating right and cutting out sugars and bad carbs and drinking water every day plus getting enough sleep is essential because then my fine lines start appearing. The key steps to get my skin back on track goes like this:

Cleansing day and night and not just using a makeup remover at night it will mean my skin is glowing and be super fresh before I go to sleep and make sure there are no break outs. You could remove makeup first and then cleanse to ensure your skin is clean.

Masks masks and more masks to draw out the impurities I have a few that I use whether its to add moisture or help clear up congested skin. Its now that I may up to 3 times a week instead of 2.

Face Mists is a great way to get some antioxidants back into the skin I have been really bad over the last few weeks so there is nothing like a mist like my Dermalogica Antixoidant Mist or my Caudalie Beauty Elixir to give my skin the love it needs. Spritz this on after cleansing and applied your mask and then you can apply your serum and moisturiser.

Are you back on track with your beauty regime?

Shahnaz x