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Real Techniques Brush Cleansing Palette

There is often a time when I have serious limited time to clean my bushes so sometimes I just have to use a brush cleaner. On my travels in London I picked up the Real Techniques Brush Cleansing Palette to test out on cleaning my makeup brushes. Its actually the first time I have used this kind of palette before and I really like it. I have tested a special brush soap from Mii Cosmetics which worked a treat too. However this palette is mess free and cleans the brushes so well.

For me I love to use a anti bacterial dish wash liquid this works a treat in cleaning your brushes because I know they will be 100% clean. Combined with the palette you get a super clean brush. Now if you buy the palette from Muse Beauty then you get a gel with it so a little bit of added value. The palette is silicone that is multi textured so you can really get that brush clean of all the impurities, oils and makeup.

Take either some of the gel or the dish wash liquid and you can either put straight onto the brush or onto the palette. The palette also has a strap at the back that your hand fits into so you have full control of washing your brushes. Make sure you use warm water this will help with getting your brushes really clean.

Take your brush and work it along the palette till you feel you have got everything out and then rinse the brush. Et Voila a gorgeous super clean brush.

Its super easy and its great knowing that the brush is 100% clean ands ready to paint the next models face. The palette retails for R300 on Muse Beauty but as I mentioned before it comes with a gel. Remember you must always clean your brushes even if its you just painting your own face. Rule number 1 as a makeup artist always have a clean brush!!!

Shahnaz x