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Running has been one of those things that I have battled getting into but I know its great for calorie burning. Its been an on and then a long off but finally I have been getting back into it at a slow pace. ¬†At least I can run 5k in just under half hour! Over the Christmas holidays in Cape Town which is summer where you want to look hot but you find you just eat and drink everything. I came across the Redrock training app that offeres a variety of training plans but weight loss is what I need. I have put on 6kg’s yes that’s a lot and I need to get it off quick sharp. This app is definitely going to get me there.

The weight loss program I have opted for is for 12 weeks with running 5 days a week I will struggle to run that many times purely due to my work schedules but going to do my best. Its all about interval training split between walking, running and sprinting with a different train on each day. I think when someone likes me tries to run by myself I keep at a steady pace but they may not be helping me in the long run. By working the program its like I am running with a trainer so I don’t even need to think about it.

I love the fact that you can choose your trainer I went for Lisa. There are about 6 trainers to choose with an explanation on their training styles. You can choose your music from a whole list of genre’s. Of course I opted for a house mix of which there are loads to choose from. Music is the only way that you can survive exercise well that’s how I think anyway. I had an amazing train today because the music kept me going but also because I had a program to work to.

The program offers daily meal plans which includes breakfast, 2 snacks and dinner with full recipes so its really so easy to follow. The recipes look amazing plus you need to get your water quota in too.

I am so excited for this program because after my first training session I felt revitalised and I actually enjoyed myself. You can opt for outside or treadmill I did treadmill today because its just too hot to run outside at the moment. Will def try to mix it up and excited to losing weight and felling good.

They offer a 1 week free trial to see if you like it so if you are in need for a kick start for 2018 then this is it.