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Shahnaz Loves Beauty

The product I have been waiting for the Ren Perfect Canvas has finally landed on my desk. It launches in SA next month but I luckily got my hands on some with a couple more skincare goodies. The Perfect Canvas is the perfect finishing serum to ensure a flawless finish with your foundation. Of course you always have to prep skin so the combo of the Ren Flash Hydro Boost and the Instant Brightening Beauty Eye Shot Lift you are on to a winning combination.

I preped Kayla’s skin with the Flash Hydro Boost it feels amazing on the skin. Its super hydrating on the skin giving it such a gorgeous lumped finish. For best application wet finger tips and them massage the skin. For under Kayla’s eyes I applied the Instant Brightening Beauty Eye Shot Lift that instantly brightens up the under eye area. The cream has light reflective pigments plus its so hydrating makeing makeup application a dream.

The Ren Perfect Canvas has a matt finish but still leaves skin looking hydrated but not shiney. Its a clear gel that melts into the skin making makeup application so easy.

Watch the video to learn about the Perfect Canvas benefits but also how to apply. Take 3-4 drops and apply to your hands and then press into your skin. The product feels a little sticky at first but this allows the base to adhere to the skin.  Alternatively mix in with your foundation and then apply. Its got all the skincare benefits as well as priming the skin ready for that flawless face.

I will be doing a demonstration later in Feb to showcase to bloggers and beauty editors on how to use the product and a simple makeup demonstration so watch ths space. I will be posting a video so you can see how easy it is to use.