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filorga ncef - night mask

I pretty much love all skincare products that Filorga send me to test out. The Filorga NCEF – Night Mask is no exception is truly a gorgous mask that leaves my skin feeling soft and hydrated when I wake up in the morning. Its perfect for skin that’s tired and dehydrated and in much need after a hectic festive season. The mask has been described as “an 8 hour sleep in a jar” and was developed to improve the skin’s repair process while we sleep. So when you wake up skin looks more plump and has a gorgeous glow.

The Filorga NCEF – Night Mask contains our favourite hyaluronic acid plus 50 regenerating ingredients to fill wrinkles, boost firmness and increase radiance while you sleep. The ingredient Melatonin’CX helps deal with wrinkles that we are all desperately trying to get rid of. Its a silk tree extract that activates the natural sleep regulator to trigger the skin into the repair process. The Hyaluronic Acid as we all know adds hydration to the skin improving the skin’s firmness. The Red Indigo Extract has been added due to its detoxifying properties. It a strong antioxidant that helps combat redness as well as reducing cortisol production which is the stress hormone.

We all know that lack of sleep really effects how our skin looks. I know if I have only had 5 hours sleep my skin looks really wrinkly and dehydrated. It means our skin isn’t rested and hasn’t had the full night repair time it needs. The mask was created to help combat this issue because with the first application skin feels amazing. Even if I haven’t had the best night sleep like last night for example I woke up with great looking skin.

The night mask has a gel like texture that is feels quite thick on application that you need to really massage in. But it melts really fast into the skin and leaves no residue on your pillow. You can use twice a week to get the effects you need. There is nothing better than waking up in the morning with skin that glows. Its definitely a lovely pamper at bed time.

The Filorga NCEF – Night Mask is available at selected Egdars and Clicks retailing at R899 for 50ml. Also available online here with a small discount on the retail price. Its on the pricey side but definitely worth the investment if you are in your thirties and up. I am almost 43 and I really believe that investing in your skin is so important.

Shahnaz x