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Shahnaz Loves Beauty


I love nothing more than a good dewy foundation and a beautiful bronzer to warm up my complexion. I have absolutely loved the RVB Lab (Diego Della Palma Professional SA) Lifting Effect HD Foundation and Into the Desert Bronzer. When it comes to a base I love a liquid finish and it really needs make skin look like skin. Plus it needs to have a glowing dewy finish. Although as I always say you need to have a good skincare routine. Even if your foundation is super dewy if you haven’t prepped your face properly it definitely won’t look as amazing.

The RVB Lab Lifting HD Effect Foundation sadly doesn’t come in many shades so if you are dark toned there isn’t one for you. The foundation only has 5 shades luckily my shade was in there no 64 so happy days. The Lifting HD Effect Foundation really blends so beautifully with the right amount of dewiness. I love how my skin looks and its a breathable formula. A new formula enriched with wakame extract and PERFECT- LIFT- COMPLEX. The base evens out the skin tone as well as reducing redness and signs of age.

I love to apply with a fluffy brush here I am using on of my favs the My Kit Co My Flawless Face Medium Brush. I am not always a fan of using foundation brushes when it comes to building up the coverage.

Now the RVB Lab Into the Desert Limited Edition bronzer is an absolute winner. Firstly I love the design of the bronzer its just to pretty. Its a mix of a bronzer and a highlighter so it really adds a gorgeous glow to the skin. As I can’t tan my face anymore due to my pigmentation bronzer has literally become even more key in my makeup routine. If you really want to warm the face up take a big brush and sweep over where the sun would naturally hit.

Into The Desert has three shades of bronzer to form an exquisite mosaic. Its halfway between a bronzer and a highlighter, it is the ideal product to warm up the complexion and sculpt the face. The texture combines satiny powders with slightly pearly powders. I absolutely love it. If you are trying to sculpt the face more rather than create that sun kissed look use an angled brush. Here I am using the Tash Pops Blush to sculpt my face.

Sadly RVB Lab makeup isn’t sold in stores but salons within South Africa. To find out where you can get your hands on these goodies either contact Orleans Cosmetics or try some of the salons such as House of Freya  or  Health and Wellness. 

If you haven’t tried the brand at all you definitely need to check it out. Love the mascara and eyeshadow palettes too they are all great quality.

Shahnaz x