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Shahnaz Loves Beauty

Last week I was invited by Ray from Raydiance Skin based in the Medispa on Kloof Street for a specialised facial which was serioulsy amazing. Gone are the days of your normal facial of just rubbing your face with a whole load of products. Now its all about frequencies and electric currents that comes from a fabulous machine called the Ionzyme from Environ. Ray told me the machine has been around a while but its been revamped so even more effective than it was before. Personally I was just happy to be looking like a glowing goddess by the end of the 90 minutes.


Ray offers a whole range of treatments using Environ and a couple of other brands I wanted something that wasn’t to hardcore for my skin and wouldn’t leave me all red and blotchy. I wanted glowing skin as I was going out that night and that’s exactly what I got. The treatment was called the Lonzyme DF treatment that would normally cost R650 for 90 minutes and I tell you it definitely worth it. Because not only is my skin getting the royal treatment but Ray has magical hands and massages your head and shoulders while the masks are on and she is amazing.

As well as all the usual exfoliation,steaming and extraction that we are used to in a normal facial Ray offers specialised treatments with the machine combined. There were two main parts to the DF treatment that ensure maximum penetration of all the products used. First up was the sonophoresis current that uses sound waves to transport molecules through the skin which also works well on concentrated areas of the face. For the Iontophoresis part Ray applied a serum infused with all the good stuff and placed a gauze over my face and then applied more product before starting the currents to the face. I will admit that it felt really weird at first but Ray started massaging my shoulders and I was literally floating on the bed.

I would definitely say its one of the best facials I have ever had and I have had a lot in my lifetime. The prices are really affordable for what’s on offer and Ray really is so lovely its an all round fab experience. If your complexion is in need of some love then you definitely need to go for a treatment. To find out more about Raydiance Skin click here.

Shahnaz x