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Shahnaz Loves Beauty

Skincare is my number one priority for every photoshoot I do and its something I just won’t ever skip on. Without the right skincare beauty regime skin looks bad and just doesn’t shoot well. Its the same in real ife as well. I treat my model’s skin like I would treat my own with care. So I have 5 steps I use every time which I swear by that creates gorgeous glowing skin. Of course I add in a liquid highlighter to my foundation and conceal where necessary but I wouldn’t get the finish I wanted if skincare wasn’t involved.

My lovely model Morgan took a raw selfie of herself yesterday in the evening sunlight so you can see just how good her skin looks. The steps are pretty simple and of course if you are in your own home you need to remember to EXFOLIATE three times a week and apply a MASQUE twice a week. But the daily steps are as follows:

  1. Cleanse
  2. Spritz a skin mist
  3. Apply a serum
  4. Apply a moisturiser
  5. Apply eye cream

Skincare beauty regime

Skin has to be clean before any makeup is applied so if a model comes on a shoot with makeup on I take it straight off. To make it quick I use the Neutrogena hydro boost wipes they work and don’t strip the skin. My favourite mist is the Dermalogica Antoxidant Hydramist which smells like heaven and really puts all the hydration in the skin. However there is also the Mac Fix + and a new kid on the block the Urban Decay Quick Fix Hydra Charged complexion Prep Priming Spray.

Urban decay Quick Fix

Serum is my absolute must in the whole step as its the one product that literally has all the antioxidants that you need. I am forever testing out new ones on myself but the one that I always go for on a shoot is the Mac Lightful C Marine Bright Formula Essence. Its the bomb and it just works a treat on every model I work with. The skin literally glows due to the duo charged water whivh plumps and moistens the skin. The Vitamin C brightens the skin and just makes the complexion so radiant.

You don’t have to spend as much on your moisturiser and there are loads of great budget to high end ones you can choose from. My shoot moisturiser is the Embryolisse Lait Creme Concentre its my everything as its super light and hydrating. The perfect finish to the skincare beauty regime.

I never go without applying eye cream mostly because that is the one area that can be quite dry. It makes it so easy to apply concealer on after and just totally adds hydration where its needed. My fav for shoots is the Dermalogica Total Eye care its perfect for all skin types and makes my life easier for makeup application.

Shahnaz x