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Shahnaz Loves Beauty

For those of you who love wearing a matt lippie but hate that your lips feel seriously dry and that they are about to crack then the Smashbox Insta-Matt may be the answer to your prayers. Normally when I use a matt lipstick on myself or a model then I apply a lip balm but this sometimes takes away the matt texture which is definitely not a good thing so having this product really will make it way more comfortable on the lips. At the Smashbox launch at the end of last year we got to test out this new product on the Smashbox lipsticks to see for yourselves.

The Smashbox Insta-Matt comes in this little tube so whether you are a makeup artist or just love makeup and want to save money on buying lipsticks or just have more space in your kit this little tube transforms your lipstick into a matt texture just like that. Its a gel that you apply with fingers over the lipstick and transforms your cream lipstick to a matt texture so no more dry lips.

The great thing about Insta-Matt is that it keeps the shade true, prevents feathering and means you can have a matt lipstick without going out and buying any. You can’t use the gel on glosses or lip balms it has to be a cream finish for it to work. The gel is probably best worked on Smashbox lipsticks so I have still to test out all my lipsticks to see how it works and will keep you posted and post on Instagram.

Launching in March this will definitely be a goodie to invest in and save you some cash when you looking to buy a new matt lipstick you can just convert your cream lippie instantly with the Smashbox Insta-Matt

Shahnaz x