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Shahnaz Loves Beauty

Smashbox Pore Minimizer

Looking for a primer that will help smooth out your skin, take away the oiliness and make you pores seem like they were never there then look no further as Smashbox have introduced the Pore Minimizing Primer.

I get asked so often about primers, are they worth it, do I need to apply something underneath my foundation so it will last longer? Smashbox really do have pretty much every primer under the sun and this one really is a goodie. If you struggle with oily skin or combination skin then this primer will help smooth you face and fill in those pores, its oil free and it gives the skin a more matt finish but without it feeling dry. My one tip though is make sure you have hydrated your skin with your beauty routine otherwise if you have combination skin like I do it could feel dry in parts of the face.

Apply after you have done your morning routine and then apply foundation on top or your BB cream or what ever you base of choice is. I found for me my skin feels like velvet, the foundation doesn’t look shiney once applied and there is no need for setting powder. If you suffer from oily skin then you may still need to set with powder but it will make your life a whole load easier. Its basically like a blurring product and although there are a few out on the market I love Smashbox and their primers never let you down.

Already in store the Smashbox Pore Minimizer retails at R395 and yes you may think its pricey but trust me a little goes a long way you literally only need a pea size.

Shahnaz x