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Shahnaz Loves Beauty

This year we are seeing some amazing beauty products already and so far one of my fav’s that launches next month in SA is the Smashbox Photo Finish Primer Oil. I was lucky enough to get a preview and get one all for myself to play with and test out. Its all about hydrating the skin without making it too oily and prepping for makeup application. You can even add a drop to your foundation and blend in to really get a gorgeous natural glow. LOVE LOVE LOVE.

The primer oil is super lightweight and literally leaves skin glowing. I am currently away on holiday in Stanford and not wearing a stich of makeup this week to give my skin a breather but am loving applying to clean skin to give a natural glow that with my tan I really don’t need any makeup as it makes my skin look that good. Its a fast absorbing oil that has a blend of 15 essential and rich plant oils that seriously moisturise the skin making foundation and concealer application a dream.

For me being a makeup artist its all about dewy luminous skin especially when I am shooting beauty and I want the skin to seriously glow. Its also a great way to help de stress the skin so for those models who travel a lot this will really help give some love back to the complexion. I love it because its also a great way to sooth the skin both day and night plus its got lavender and chamomile as part of the ingredients so happiness for your senses as well as your complexion.

All you need is a couple of drops and massage in to the skin, add into foundation or you can apply with the palms of your hands after makeup to give the illusion of natural highlights on the cheek bones.

Shahnaz x