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Me and my relationship with my brows is always a strange one for me. I love filling a models brows and making them look edgy, or really groomed or even just subtly filling them as the brow can change the whole look. When it comes to myself I rarely fill my own brows because somehow I just feel it looks too much. The brow pens and powders are a key staple in my pro kit so I am always on the look out for whats new. With that in mind here are the 2 latest brows pens from Stila the Stay All Day Precision Glide Brow Pencil and the Stila Waterproof Brow Colour.

Stila Brow pens 1Now the waterproof brow colour pen really reminds me of the Suqqu pen its exactly the same in texture and a lot cheaper. You can’t get Suqqu in SA but for those of you in the UK or US this may be a new one to consider. Its almost like a felt tip pen and can create a subtle beautiful brow plus its waterproof so a goodie on those hot days. They retail at R230 and come in 3 shades light, medium and dark they are easy to use and contain honey, aloe and chamomile extract to help condition your brows.

The Stay All Day Precision Glide Brow Pencil is also waterproof and when you apply onto your skin once its on when you touch with your fingers this one doesn’t budge so you won’t have to keep reapplying. What I also like is the pencil comes with a brow brush on the other side so brush then apply and then brush until you have the shape and fill you are looking for. You have to apply a bit more pressure with this one say over the Mac brow pencil but it allows you to be really precise. Infused with coconut oil, vitamin E, soyabean oil carnuaba wax it allows for smooth application and the Mica absorbs the oil allowing for the product to stay on longer. The pencil retails at R230 and comes in 5 shades from blonde to black so there is pretty much a shade here for everyone.

So in the pics in the left image I am wearing the precision pencil and in the right the waterproof brow colour:

Stila stay all dayMy personal preference is the waterprrof brow colour purely because it looks a lot more natural for me but on a shoot I would probably go for the precision pencil to create that serious defined brow.

Love them both and they in selected Woolworths stores now so go and try for yourself.

Shahnaz x