The gorgeous French brand has introduced the new SVR Densitium Anti-Age range for more mature skin. SVR’s motto promises “beautiful skin” and thats exactly what it does. Now I like to think that I am still really young even though I am now 42 and don’t really want to accept I am actually getting older!!! I have been testing out the serum, eye cream and moisturiser and my skin is feeling fab. I get a beautiful glow from the serum and moisturiser. Plus my under eye area doesn’t have as many fine lines and is a lot smoother.

The SVR Densitium Anti-Age range has a double re-densifying action treats multiple skin layers for a strengthened and restructured skin. You can see in the picture clearly the two active ingredients.

Ultra-fragmented hyaluronic acid: with 60x greater skin penetration, the ultra-fragmented hyaluronic acid re-densifies the dermis and acts deep down connective tissue. Reduces wrinkles and increases the skin’s density. 60 x greater skin penetration capacity

Bio-calcium: re-densifies epidermis, reinforces skin barrier, combats skin slackening. Restructures the skin and reinforces support tissue

Reinforces skin barrier, acts on skin slackening

The Densitium Bi-Serum (R900) is on the pricey side but it really feels amazing on my skin. Its got an aqua gel and oil which you can clearly see in the picture. With a high level of active ingredients hyaluronic acid and the bio-calcium I mentioned earlier. The serum was created to help with sagging skin, wrinkles, dryness and even as double chin. Not sure about all that as I luckily still have great skin at my age. But its definitely help with hydration and smoothing my skin. I just apply one pump and massage all over and down my neck.

The Densitium Contour Yeux (R350) leaves my under eye area feeling so soft and seriously hydrated so when it comes to applying concealer it just glides on. Its also meant to help with slackening of eye lids, reduces wrinkles and puffiness as well as dark circles.

Last up the Densitium Creme (R330) which really adds to the glow of the serum helps strengthen the skin and help with reducing the signs of ageing. Perfect for normal to dry skin. After applying both products on my face when I come to apply my foundation my skin is glowing and the product just melts right in.


Now ladies all 3 products from the range plus an SVR face cleanser are up for grabs this week. The range is for skin 35+ so if you don’t fall into this age range then you can give to your mum. Here is how to enter:

1.Tell me why you think you should win the range.

2.Subscribe to my newsletter.

3.SA residents only.

4.Competition Closes Wednesday 30th at 5pm.


Good Luck.

Shahnaz x


  1. I am turning 40 in two months, can’t believe it as I still feel much younger and hopefully look younger. The main thing I have noticed are the fine lines around my eyes that are definitely aging me. I am trying everything to make them less visible and the Densitium Contour Yeux sounds like it might work like a bomb.

  2. lynn fester Reply

    I literally turned 35 yesterday, this would be the best gift .

  3. Janel Sunderlall Reply

    I will be 40 next year and i can see how my skin is changing. I would really love this to try and see if it will give me the finish for my aging skin

  4. Anusha Naidoo Reply

    A absolutely wonderful giveaway thank you
    Enjoyed reading this review it was a pleasure.
    It will be a absolute delight and pleasure to win this for my skin , I just turned 50 and this is exactly what I need for my ageing skin, I love so many facts about this products especially that it Reduces wrinkles and increases the skin’s density. 60 x greater skin penetration capacity. Its wonderful.
    Thank you

  5. I started investing into skin care very late….maybe only a few months ago and I’m 37 now. So I’m definitely keen to get my hands on some good products, specifically for my age group.

    How does the Bi Serum compare to the Clarins Double Serum?

  6. Tanusta Jainarain Reply

    Im almost 42 as well and its setting off a whole lot of alarm bells, not to mention the melancholy feelings that are going along with it.How did I reach here so fast 😐😐 With these products I can at least preserve my skin which is super dry at moment (ageing crap) and the lines are showing more gasp!

  7. It’s an ongoing battle against aging 😉 I would like to win the SVR Densitium Anti-Age Range to help with my dryness, sagging skin, wrinkles, eye puffiness and sagging eyelids.

  8. Melanie Pretorius Reply

    I’d love to win for my mom as she recently moved in with me and had been asking me to recommend products for her skin. Since I’m 31 I’m not quite familiar with products for older (than me) women but this would be a great start for her.

  9. Shaheeda Loofer Reply

    This SVR anti age range of products looks like a dream for the skin and ld love to try it out

  10. Amazing review. Your skin looks amazing . Reason I would looove to Win. No1 Turning 50 on 18June 🙈🙈 I’m starting to see fine wrinkles by my Eyes. Under my eyes. Side of eyes. Between my Brows 😭😭 . . And I recently just noticed it. Its a scary feeling 🤐. Soo fingers xxxxx 🙏🙏🙏🙏💕💕💕💕 subscribed on all entry levels

  11. kamilah francis Reply

    I’m a few weeks away from turning 56,and my face really needs this product!

  12. Cirsten Van Den Heuvel Reply

    I would love this I turned 35 in jan and have started the early signs of aging with pigmentation and blemishes and suffering premenopause so my skin is playing havoc on me.

  13. Etheresia Gelderblon Reply

    Turning 39 next month. Must look after my skin now the best I can before I hit the big 40. If your skin looks good you also feel good.

  14. Fehmida Wally Reply

    My skin needs this amazing products badly, after I had a deep chemical peel done to my face, my skin just lost it’s natural glow.

  15. Julien van Heerde Reply

    I am 29 years old now. My mum is my closest friend, biggest rolemodel and inspiration in live! She always helps me where ever she can. She will always place my needs and my two girls needs first even at her own cost. I would love to win this product and give it to her, I really think she deserve a spoil big time. There is no other woman who can do anything!!

  16. Marlene Olivier Reply

    i am 56 and for sure need extra help to keep my skin moisturised and help to combat wrinkles and thin lines. It has always been of cardinal importance to me to take good care of my skin and I would love to try out these products. Thank you for the opportunity to enter. Kind regards Marlene.

  17. I would like to purchase the product Caudalie
    Where can i buy this?
    I have bought some in dubai but need to find the product if available in SA

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