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Shahnaz Loves Beauty

The TRESemme Beauty Full Volume Reverse System landed on my desk a while ago and I have been busy testing to see how my hair responds to the products. Its the first time I have tried a system where I condition my hair before I shampoo. I was a bit sceptical at first but I found my hair to feel a lot lighter. The Reverse system is all about full volume hair that has amazing bounce so when it comes to styling its a piece of cake.

I find that if I don’t condition my hair is super dry especially as I blow dry my hair after washing so I need love for my tresses. However if I condition after washing my hair gets greasy really quickly and the volume doesn’t last that long. By conditioning first I have found my hair is really soft but also has volume so I am not leaving the house with a flat hair do. The conditioner binds the cuticle of the hair and softens it during washing. The shampoo gently cleanses the hair but conditions the hair at the same time. As well as helping control static while removing the excess product so hair feels light and bouncy after washing.

Check out the video it explains each product and how the reverse system is better for us when we want to style and go:

As well as the Tresemme Beauty Full Volume reverse system there are styling products for after you have conditioned and washed. I normally blow dry my hair with a round styling brush and the best way to get volume for me is to apply mousse into my roots and then take section by section with the bush and blow dry in an upwards motion. I love that the mousse doesn’t leave my hair sticky like some do and hair feels hard and horrible. I haven’t got my hands on the hair maximiser yet but it pretty much works the same as the mousse you take a dollop of product and apply to roots and then style with your brush to get full volume. The products are perfect to style your hair whether you want a messy bun, glam waves or a textured pony.


Shahnaz x