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Shahnaz Loves Beauty

Now you all know I love my skincare I can’t get enough of new products that come my way and I definitely love my face creams. I take great pride in looking after my complexion and my models so that we have the best canvas before any makeup goes on. I am totally in love with the luxurious brand Barbor a luxurious skincare brand made in Germany.

I have been testing out the Barbor Reversive Anti-Ageing Cream Rich the last few weeks and I love it. Its not cheap by any means retailing at R2783 so its one of those luxury products but I always say invest in your skincare. Now the difference with this cream and probably why its on the expensive side is because it contains 4 high-performance active ingredients that work together in perfect synergy.

So what’s in the cream?

Telovitin which keeps cells younger for longer, Agicyl which activates against skin ageing, Lumicol which creates luminosity and radiance and Epocyl which creates a visible smoothing effect. Its all about creating the reyouthing effect hence its a luxury buy.

What I can say so far is that its super light on application and even though the one I have been using is the rich cream its not greasy at all and my skin feels amazing after application, its definitely glowing. Here is a pic of me with just some foundation and concealer after using the cream my skin looks smoother and radiant:

Screen Shot 2015-03-31 at 07.18.09


You can get this product on their site as well as the rest of the range which I have yet to try.

Shahnaz x