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Shahnaz Loves Beauty

I shot these beautiful and simple beauty story for Elle that focuses on skin and hair routines especially for winter. Nicole the beauty editor fom Elle asked me to contribute a how to for your skin as part of the beauty editorial. This post is a step by step beauty regime that you should follow all year round plus some extra’s for winter to keep your face, body and hair looking amazing throughout those cold winter months. So here is my winter beauty skin regime tips:

When it comes to your complexion here are the key steps that can’t be missed:

  1. Exfoliating 2/3 times a week to ensure all the dead skin is removed otherwise all your other products won’t work.
  2. Face Masks’s are a definite must to get right into your skin and draw all the impurities out as well as adding that gorgeous glow. I like to mix up different ones like hydrating, vitamin boosts, anti-ageing and exfoliating depending on what my skin needs. Winter I definitely reach for the hydrating and vitamin masks so that my skin doesn’t feel dry and look dull.
  3. Serums are one item I don’t miss out on and definitely worth the investment these are packed with anti-oxidants and are more important than your moisturiser.
  4. Invest in a day and night moisturiser so that your skin is getting the love day and night. During winter I definitely love products with Vitamin E and C so that skin can be protected and repaired throughout the colder months.
  5. I literally can’t live without eye cream and you shouldn’t either. The under eye area definitely dries out if you are tired and needs serious hydration plus working on fine lines and wrinkles and means when you apply your concealer it just blends in.


During winter I am totally obsessed with face and body oils especially if I have been in the sun a lot. There are some brands like Elizabeth Arden that the oil works for face, body and hair so you don’t have to invest in a whole load of products. Applying oil to your body will give you that natural glow and leaving skin feeling super soft. Body scrubs are also a goody to add extra moisture to your skin but you don’t have to break the bank as brands like Body Shop have great ones that will definitely do the trick.

When my skin is feeling dry I love a face oil at night or even before I apply my moisturiser in the morning to add that glow. If you have dehydrated or dry skin get yourself a face oil from brands like Kiehl’s or my fav local SA brand Skoon.


As well oil on your body oil in your hair is a great one. If you want to keep it totally natural then get yourself some coconut oil apply on an evening in and wash before you go to bed. A great way to give life to dry hair. I always apply 3/4 pumps of hair oil after I wash my hair to keep it from drying out. Deep nourishing hair masks are also a goodie to give life to dry hair.


Be kind to your body and make sure you look after it all year round. If you haven’t started a beauty regime then get started now. If you have any questions on products or budget buys drop me a comment in the comment box.

Shahnaz x