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Shahnaz Loves Beauty

Sunday Planning

Since I have a crazy week ahead of me planning is essential and of course catching up on a liitle bit of beauty. If you are a blogger as well as having another job planning is always key. I like to be able to post as much as possible and squeeze it in somehow. I am forever writing lists to make sure I am on top of things.

Since I am shooting pretty much the whole week I have given myself a little guidance on what to write but sometimes it changes and I always get more inspired when I am on a shoot. Being a makeup artist means a lot of organising and making sure my kit is prepped and ready to go and brushes are clean.

I also need a little downtime that doesn’t involve my kids so catching up on beauty is always on my list for Sunday mornings. A little bit of Grazia keeps me in the loop on what’s happening and what great products there are out there that I haven’t tried yet.

Happy Sunday.

Shahnaz x