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Since starting my blog I  have been asking friend’s what do they use on their face and what their beauty routines are and dop they use a primer under their foundation. Sadly most people I know don’t own a primer or know what its used for. Yesterday I got asked what is the difference between a primer and a BB cream. There are so many new products constantly hitting the market which makes it even more confusing for people that are not in the beauty industry.

What is a foundation primer? Its basically what you apply before you apply your foundation. In some instances primers are like a moisturiser like the Laura Mercier primer and others are more matt  and help fill in the pores like the Smashbox oil free primer. A primer helps with the foundation lasting longer and making the skin hydrated and gives a more flawless finish, it also helps with filling in fine lines. I don’t alwys use a primer for my shoots if I don’t use one of my primers I use a really hydrating moisturiser to ensure that the foundation melts into the skin and gives a beautiful dewy finish. But never just apply the foundation onto the skin on its own unless you are using a BB cream or a CC cream. See my post on these products.

Some of my favs are Laura Mercier primer oil free, Mac Prep & Prime and Smashbox oil free.

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I hope you enjoyed my post.