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Shahnaz Loves Beauty

After chatting about how to your foundation like a pro I wanted to share my new foundation purchase. I love a liquid foundation as it gives me that dewy luminous glow which the Too Faced Born This Way Foundation totally gives me. I like my skin to look like skin. Make needs to look natural and seamless and basically like you were born this way!!  With Too Faced claiming “Coverage so undetectable, you can’t see the makeup or the imperfections—just a natural-looking, luminous, flawless complexion.” I knew I needed to try this one out. Being on holiday meant I needed a darker foundation so this one was coming home with me.

Born This Way Foundation

I look a bit sweaty in this picture but where I am its 30+ degrees but you get the idea of the foundation. The Too Faced born this way foundation has a medium to full coverage plus its oil free. A little goes a long way when it comes to application. I literally use one pump with my fingers and blend in all over my face. Of course if you use a brsuh or sponge you can really build up. I like my foundation to be light when its hot hence I use fingers.

I think if you have an oily complexion stay away from this foundation. Its better for normal, combination and drier skin tones. I sit in the combination skintone so its definitely shinier in some areas even though I am sweating like crazy. I went for shade golden that has a yellow undertone but that works for me but may not be for eveyone. The foundation definitely covered a lot of my sun spots and evened my skin out. When I have no makeup on my sun spots are really quite crazy and I have some pigmentation as well. The foundation really managed to take a lot of this way. What I like is that my skin does still look natural.

With ingredients like coconut water which seems to be a growing trend you get a lot of hydration to the skin. This is definitely good for me as my skin can get really hydrated especially as I am in th sun. As well as the coconut water other ingredients like hyaluronic acid for more moisture and rose extract to brighten the skin.

All in all I really like the foundation for my skin but definitey one you need to test out before you buy.

Shahnaz x