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Shahnaz Loves Beauty

I spend hours and hours researching online and reading magazines as I am always trying to stay on trend with make up, hair and nails so that I can bring a fresh approach into my work. One thing I always stress in my video’s and when on a photo shoot is creating a flawless complexion so for me I am absolutely loving this trend. Its no longer just about make up its all about skincare and make up combined and how to give skin a healthy glow even before we apply anything. If you read my MAC SS13 trend post you can see skin is flawless and glowing. The big make up artists are making a big emphasis on the skin.

It all goes back to our beauty routine and the older we get the more important it becomes. I spend a fortune on my products because I want to look healthy and glowing all the time. To create a flawless complexion its all about serums, hydrating creams, exfoliators and masks. If you suffer from really dry skin opt for a facial oil to create that healthy glow or add rosehip oil into your moisturiser. Exfoliation is key especially if you suffer from flakey skin. Make sure you have a night cream and a day cream your night cream should be slightly richer. My night cream is very hydrating so when I wake up in the morning my skin is smooth and glowing. Instead of applying a mask once a week opt for twice to really make your skin glow.

I am currently testing out the BT-Cocktail which is a 3 way system of serum and cream. Will post about it soon. Skincare has gone to a whole new level and its now as important as make up. Its all about what we are putting on our skin so that we don’t have to pile on the foundation.

On shoots I always assess the model’s skin and what cream I am going to apply before starting with foundation because I believe the skin needs to glow and look as natural as possible.

Here are some products that can help you achieve a flawless complexion: