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Shahnaz Loves Beauty

This year is definitely all about new makeup launches and there is so much coming our way. Of course you all know I love a mascara as its the one product that I can’t live without. If I had to choose one product mascara would be it. Both L’Oreal and Maybelline are bringing two new mascara’s our way the Colossal Go Chaotic (R134.95) and False Lash Superstar (R189.95). There is just something about a mascara that opens up the face, makes you eyes look wide awake. Most of the time I really don’t bother with a lash curler I just want to apply and go with great looking lashes and I definitely am loving these ones.

budget mascara before and after

Budget Mascara by Maybelline

I have always been a fan of maybelline mascara’s and the Colossal Go Chaotic doesn’t disappoint. Its bristles go from wide to thiner in the middle to wider again and it literally coats the lashes in one go. Usually I have to apply a few coats to get the volume and curl I want but this bad boy works a treat. Plus no clumping and no smudging and I am deciding whether I keep it in my personal stash or take it into my pro kit I love it that much. Its one of those mascara’s that you can build for every day wear to serious volume working that clumped trend lash look.

Budget Mascara by Loreal

The L’Oreal False Lash Superstar comes with two applicators step 1 is to coat the lashes and then step 2 apply mascara. The fist coat is a white lash primer that already gives a curl to the lash and then the mascara creates a pretty lenthening lash. The mascara applicator is thin with a bend in the wand so it gets right into the lash. I definitely don’t need a lash curler for this one and it totally lifts my lashes giving the illusion of length.

Definiitely two goodies to try.

Shahnaz x