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Shahnaz Loves Beauty

Now when you know when you have a friend arriving from London well you mind starts to go a little crazy. I mean the lists start to go a little crazy and I want everything. I have been busy researching instagram, top makeup artists and other bloggers to see what I need in my life. Plus don’t get me started on My Kit Co. I already have a few of their items now the brushes are calling my name. Its been a really busy season for me and I realise I just don’t have enough makeup palettes. (HA HA really its true). So here is my beauty wish list:

Top of the list is the Nars Wanted Palette its just beautiful. I actually spotted it on instagram a few weeks back and it looks absolutely amazing on. I find when it comes to shoots these shades really work for most models. Its definitely on the pricier side but who cares. Its got a gorgeous combo of matt contouring shades and then 7 amazing shimmer shades that will make your eyes pop and almost give a wet look which I love.


Next up Too Faced Sweet Peach Palette again saw it on a video tutorial on instagram and it looks amazing. These shades have a great mixture of shades for all year round. I absolutely love the peach and chocolate shades and the quality of Too Faced is always amazing. I know you can get hold of some Too Faced in SA so need to check if this palette is available but am thinking I may just get my friend to bring me one from London.

I discovered my Kit Co a while back on instgram after following amazing makeup artist Jamed Molly you definitely need to check out his instagram. His work is amazing. My Kit Co is his baby with amazing brush sets and pro makeup bags and pouches of which I now have a few. There are a few things on my radar I definitely think I need the Travel Buddy especially when I am on a shoot over a few days and can compact what I need. Or even if I am away or a weekend I can get all my beauty goodies in there. I literally have so many different bags but this one seems to be really perfect and compact.

My Kit Co has an amazing brush selection and even though I already have lots of brushes myself, I am in need of some amazing lip brushes and some more foundation brushes. I have been watching James Molly creating a gorgeous lip on his instagram account. The Graphic lip Liner has a square shape that works perfectly in defining those lips. Plus its on sale so happy days.


I am totally obsessing over the Cover FX Glow products after browsing theough Kenneth So Makeup instagram account. From powders tio liquids there is everything that you need. The enhancer drops are definitely on my radar  that can be added to your foundation  creating the most gorgeous glow. Not cheap retailing at £34 each so need ro get saving for these babies.

Will definitely post next month on the new goodies I will be getting. Plus I am in London in July so will be hitting the shops for a beauty haul.

Shahnaz x