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I don’t often write about crazy expensive products but the Chanel Sublimage La Creme moisturiser is the business and I just had to share. Firstly I know how lucky I am as a beauty blogger that I get access to some amazing products and that I get to work with amazing brands like Chanel. This cream is literally one of the best creams I have ever used on my complexion and I have been through quite a few. My skin is really glowing at the moment and I have had a lot of compliments on how good my skin looks.

There are 3 creams in the Sublimage (R4950) range that were re launched in January celebrating 10 years of this amazing cream. The key to the dream is the active ingredient Vanilla Plainfolia known for its antioxidant benefits. My skin is definitely feel super hydrated and plumped after using the cream for the last month. Even though I don’t normally believe in spending such a crazy amount for a moisturiser I have to say the cream really is gorgeous. I have always been a serum kind of a girl that is filled with antioxidants but the Chanel Sublimage cream has really got me converted.

The 3 creams promise enhanced skin, hydration, radiance, firmness and plumped skin with reduced pores. All promise to anti-age divas but each one is for different complexions. After testing out all 3 at the Chanel launch back in December I opted for La Creme because it wasn’t too rich and literally melted into my skin. The other Sublimage creams Texture Fine was lighter and not rich enough for me and probably best for oily complexions as I struggle with dehyrated skin. The Sublimage Texture Supreme was a little too heavy for me so better for the drier complexion. If you are wanting to make this investment go test them all out and see what works for you. The cream comes with a spatula so you can apply 4 dabs to chin, cheeks and forehead and then massage in with your hands to get that circulation flowing.

Love Love Love. Ladies start saving now or tell your loved one this is what you want for your birthday.

Shahnaz x