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Shahnaz Loves Beauty

Being a makeup artist means I am always striving to be the best I can be so that means looking after my models and making sure that their skin looks great. Skincare is the ultimate key for me when it comes to great skin that looks glowing and healthy. I love love face mists they have become a key part of my beauty routine when getting models ready. The Urban Decay face mists have got it down with their new launch of the Quick Fix and their All Nighter Setting Spray. These 2 bad boys prep the skin before makeup application and then set to make sure your makeup doesn’t budge.


The Quick Fix mist spray is a new one for Urban Decay, its a hydra-charged complexion prep priming spray. Firstly it smells of coconut which is basically like being on holiday when you smell it. Its perfect to prep on clean cleansed skin before you start the rest of beauty regime and really helps boost the skin for makeup application. The mist helps reduce redness, pores and replaces lost moisture. You definitely feel that extra hydration when it hits your skin plus you get that gorgeous glow. Its also a goodie to apply during the day if your makeup needs refreshing, before you go out at night or if you just want to smell that coconut again. Its definitely got an energizing formula with ingredients like vitamin B3 and coconut water. You can spray this one all day long its not going to ever be too much for your skin. LOVE IT.

Next up the All Nighter spray that has been repackaged really works wanders. If you struggle with your foundation staying on throughout the day due to your skin or the heat or you want a late night on the dance floor this spray keeps everything in place. I absolutely love the new black and purple packaging it looks so much better than the previous one. Its not new to the market and is definitely a cult product amongst bloggers. Its super light on application and you just mist over as soon as you have applied all of your makeup. Your makeup should last a full 16 hours preventing melting,fading or settling into fine lines. Perfect for all skin types and just hands down a great product.


I used both products for the Superbalist Television Commercial that is currently airing on the gorgeous Gewn Lu (above). If you didn’t check out my post then click here to see the video. In stores in Joburg if you want to go check them both out. Plus an Urban Decay store is opening up in Cape Town in August. So happy days.

Shahnaz x