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Shahnaz Loves Beauty

Great new people for those of us who aren’t based in Joburg the whole Urban Decay range is now available on!!! We saw the first store open last year and then a second in Joburg but that’s no good for the rest of us in South Africa who want to get our hands on the brand. Foschini launched its beauty store last year and I have been patiently waiting for the brand to become available. Sadly there is still no news of a store in Cape Town but am just so happy that we can now buy online. Happy Days.


The gorgeous holiday limited collections are still available to shop which is super exciting as the Vice lip palette and Skin Illumintaing trio are amazing and a definite must have if you looking to add to your collection. The palette has 12 unique shades that are perfect for day to night and all seasons. I also was one of the lucky bloggers to recieve the Full Spectrum palette which has a range of all shades from super bright yellow to some amazing blue’s and purple’s. A definite goodie if you like to go crazy with your makeup or if you are a makeup artist.

If you don’t know a huge amount about the brand then its one worth checking it out. My favourites are the Naked Palettes, setting sprays, the 24/7 glide on liners, Naked Skin foundation and concealer and the list goes on. Its definitely one of my favourite brands that I use on myself and on shoots a lot. Last year they launched the Ultimate basics palette which has definitely been a go to of mine for work:


The range of shades and textures that Urban Decay offers is endless whether you like it simple or totally bold this brand covers everything. As you can see I already have a lot from the brand as its one that never lets me down.


What a great way to start 2017 with this great beauty news so definitely will be busy shopping for new eyeliners and a whole load more. Foschini online store is stocking more and more cool brands like Kardashian beauty and The Balm so they are definitely setting themselves apart from the rest.

Shahnaz x