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Shahnaz Loves Beauty

My lovely husband and I celebrated 6 years married and this time we decided a night out on the town was in order and of course a lovely hotel with no kids!!

The key items for my night away of course my beauty products and makeup, plus my dress for the evening with matching black heels and the accessories are tres essential.

Even when I am away I take everything its pretty much and all singing all dancing routine and the key is my Foreo Luna for the morning to make sure all my makeup has been removed from the night before. There is a couple of new items in my regime the Clarins Super Restorative Total Eye Concentrate its a winner and the Barbor Reversive Anti-Ageing Rich Cream which is workimng wanders for my complexion (full posts coming soon).

anniversary 2I wore one of my dresses from Mari and Me its one of my fav shops in Cape Town other than Zara you can always find a dress for pretty much any occasion.

anniversary 5The accessories are always important day or night I went with my new pieces from Kaika Jewellery they are from the brand The Branch which are gorgeous wood and gold pieces.

anniversary 3These Stuart Weisman heels are one of my favs and perfect for with a dress. They are super comfortable and I can dance the night away.

anniversary 4My key makeup items were the Mac Mineralise moisture foundation, Two Faced bonjour soleil, the L’Oreal superliner blackbuster and Gosh Volumateur mascara.

anniversary 6

aniversary 7Here’s the makeup look for the night out, just super simple love the superliner it makes life so much easier. Sorry for the quality of the photo it was taken with my phone.

Liner lookHope you all had an amazing weekend.

Shahnaz x