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GR8 Skincare

As you all know I am slightly obsessed with skincare for me its the way to go for a perfect complexion. When I got invited to the GR8 Skincare launch I was super excited especially because its chemical free. Its where science meets nature. Basically meaning they are a skincare company dedicated to creating cruelty-free products that combine scientific and natural ingredients in a safe, skin-healthy way. GR8 Skin is a locally made brand, with no nasty chemicals, got the good active ingredients like Vitamin A and C and is anti oxidant rich. I got my hands on a couple of the products from the range and so far I love the products.

So what’s in the GR8 Skincare products?

At the launch founder Dr Janine chatted a lot about Vitamin A and its real importance for our skin. Most people I chat to have no clue about what to put on their faces and no clue about how powerful Vitamin A is. Dr Janine basically said without it there is no point putting anything on our face if we don’t use Vitamin A. Its basically a skin normaliser so if our skin is too oily it will recitify that. Its also key to apply at night therefore the Reset Night Serum is key in her range. Vitamin A is key to anti ageing, hydration, pigmentation you name it. In the GR8 skincare range there is only Vitamin A in the serum because as you know our skin repairs at night so she didn’t feel it needed to be applied twice a day.

I got to test the serum and the Vitamin Moisturiser and I absolutely love them. Both make skin super hydrated and healthy looking. Lets chat about the Reset Night Serum first because its got the most ingredients. As well as the Vitamin A, its also got Vitamin C which is also crucial to your skin as it helps boost collagen production, even skintone, improve pigmentation and regulate the sebum production. The Vitamin A as mentioned resets the skin over night helping rectify the skin’s problems.

The anti inflammatory probiotics in the serum help retore your healthy glow so when you wake up in the morning skin looks and feels amazing. Its got no chemicals and also has the added hyaluronic acid for moisture that keeps skin plump and soft.  Plus it has lots of antioxidants that help fight against cancer, UV rays and toxic products.  Its a creamy serum that I can literally feel the hydration from it when I apply at night. I absolutely love it.

The Vitamin Moisturiser I have been testing on myself and some of the models I have been working with. Its a super hydrating moisturiser that when it comes to applying base the skin looks so dewy just how I like it. Its a dermatological superfood, HYDRATE which is packed with powerful antioxidants, vital Vitamins B,C and E, Hyaluronic Acid, combined with green tea, honeybush tea and olive extracts. The moisturiser nourishes, soothes, and doesn’t clog pores. As well as all these amazing ingredients it also has clay. Clay suprisingly helps soothe the skin, decrease inflammation and mops up the excess oils in the skin. Making it a moisturiser for all skin types.

Both these models have the moisturiser on the skin and then Mac Face and Body and both of them look amazing. Their complexion glows and looks super healthy. I have been applying the moisturiser every morning and my skin feels amazing and so super soft. Makeup application is so much easier and just improves the overall condition of your skin.

There are 8 products in the range Dr Janine has kept it really simple I am definitely going to try the Clay Cleanser and Soothing Mask. All products are available at Dischem or on the GR8 Skincare site. I am super impressed and definitely recommend checking them out.

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Shahnaz x