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Shahnaz Loves Beauty

I never used to be into nail polish until I became a makeup artist and red was pretty much the colour that I would go for on my toes much to my manicurist disappointment. Over the last couple of years I am definitely getting more adventourous and trying lots of new shades out and as I am a makeup artist I always need every colour under the sun. Now Morgan Taylor have a nice collection of shades and this week I am sharing the Enchanted Collection which I have been playing around with.

Now normally I would go for a berry shade on my nail and yes its not so origional but I have to say I am loving the light grey/blue polish Who Dini? Its not normally a shade I would wear and looking at the bottle I wasn’t so sure but I gave it a go any way and I have to say I really love it. Its really modern and not too over stated and is one you could wear day or night. What I also like about this one is that it glides on so easily and was the easiest to apply with no streaks.

Here are the shades from the Morgan Taylor Enchanted collection and I have to say I much prefer the shades to the Cinderella collection this are way more modern and really wearable. They are in stores now retailing at R110 which isn’t too pricey. I will definitely getting my hands on Simply Spellbound its a beautiful nude and well you can never have enough nude polish right?



Shahnaz x