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Shahnaz Loves Beauty

There is nothing more beautiful than a bold lip that is perfectly defined it some how makes it look so much more beautiful especially when the rest of your face has been kept pretty clean but its not the only reason why you should have lip pencils in your makeup stash.

The bold and bright lipsticks tend to bleed especially the older you get and can creep into the lines and if its not a matt lipstick, a pencil will help prevent that because its more matt in texture so it will hold the lipstick and stop it from creeping.

Nude pencils are an amazing way to cheat the thiner lip and make it fuller by tracing over the lip a few times and then going over with a brighter lip pencil so you can create your shape before you fill in with lipstick.

You can also use a lip pencil to fill in the entire lip to create a more matt look or go over with a gloss to totally change the texture. But ultimately the lip pencil creates the strong definition and makes lips look amazing. If I am creating a lip on set I can’t live without my lip pencils.

Here I used the new Gosh Cardinal Red Velvet Touch Lip Liner, its a beautiful deeper shade of red and is matt in texture and retails at R95 a great budget lip liner and amazing quality. I then filled lips with the new Maybelline Bold Matte Lipstick in mat6. You can go for a slightly darker lip pencil and a lighter lipstick to add more definition.

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Shahnaz x